Bio Digester Toilet – IHHL

Bio Digester Toilets

Starting from July 2019, we have installed approximately 1400 units so far of individual as well as community toilets for the people of Quepem Taluka of Goa strengthening our States demand to combat open defecation. We have been entrusted with the installation of more 1000 units for the forthcoming months in Canacona Taluka of South Goa district.

CAM was recognized/acknowledged for its excellent performance in the field of sanitation by the Government of Goa on the occasion of Liberation Day in the year 2020. CAM’s priority is to provide the people of our country with quality product therefore, our scope of work involves Supply, Installation and commissioning of complete single pan Bio-digester based toilets.


Body - PCC Grade M20 and Roof – RCC Grade M40


H: 2000mm, L: 1000mm, W: 1000mm. RCC Grade-M40 with 2mm diameter MS mesh(50mmx100mm)


Solid Waste Outlet – 4” single outlet to be connected to bio digester and Water Inlet – 0.75”


We have a wide range of bio digester toilets to fulfil all the mandatory requirements. Not only the government but also the people of Goa have appreciated the quality and variety of the bio digester toilets that we provide. There was a drastic increase in the demand for IHHL’s after we started installing the structures. The demand for IHHL’s increased exponentially post installation of few toilets at various locations as the people were extremely satisfied with the class of the structure.


Wide applicability
100% Maintenance free
Sewage water recyclable
Disposes of human waste in a 100% eco-friendly manner
Suitable for any geo-climatic condition
Minimizes water consumption
Customized & easily adoptable
Environment – friendly & cost effective